Sunday, September 9, 2012

Pictures tell a story

I have had several friends say this lately, in fact, most of the friends whose blogs I read have said this recently as pregnancy has been in the air....but the motivation to spend any constructive time on the computer has been incredibly lacking these last few months. Notice I said constructive time: like responding to e-mails, updating a blog, actually doing needed research. Time to waste always seems abundant....especially since I discovered Fanfiction a couple of months ago......can anyone say 'addictive'?!

The baby is due in less than 8 days ( please Lord, please, let on-time babies be a trend for me!) and I'm figuring time will be short after the birth so I wanted to post a few pictures of what we've  (mostly Abigail) been up to lately.  When I went to upload 'a few' pictures I realized I had about here they are :o)

Abigail has spent lots of time on the back porch by herself:  "tay Mama; tay" I have been happily watching from inside, adding to our air conditioning bill by not closing the door all the way ( we really need a child-height handle on the outside....)

We've been cooking. Aprons a must. Notice the "one sock on, one sock off" state. It's almost perpetual right now.

Spending lots and lots of time in our Cozy Coupe; being pushed, just sitting on the back porch, or even pushing our friends.

Although, when Abigail stopped and demanded that it was Amelia's turn to push the game kind of fell apart......

Pushing the doll is much easier. It was the best $1.87 I have ever spent at a thrift store. Dolls have been a huge part of our day. We have a basket especially for 'changing' the doll's diaper; we take the doll to the potty where she gets a chocolate chip for going ( this is a once-a-day limit, for obvious reasons......); we wrap her up for naps and carry her around in the car....and dump her on the sidewalk when Daddy plays too (please see John's Facebook page for further enlightenment)

And we've been riding 'bikes'. With, I think, our helmet on. We know about helmets from hanging out with our best friend's older sister. Actually, we know about bikes because of Penny too......

Another shot, for good measure.

 Even in the midst of tiredness and the late-pregnancy laziness, we've been having fun. Ready for the baby to come though; definitely ready for him to come.