Sunday, February 8, 2015


I was looking back over photos from 2014 and found it very hard to digest that this picture in January of 2014:

Turned into this by January of 2015: 

I had forgotten how little they were at the start of last year. I've also forgotten most of the 'little moments'. You know, the ones everyone tells you to cherish because they go by too fast? They do; go by too fast that is. I find it nigh impossible to keep them in my head. I sit there trying to take a mental picture, telling myself "Remember this moment, it's a sweet one."  but by the next morning (at the latest) it's gone. It's one of the reasons I'm thankful for social media and blogs. Without them I would lose 90% of the things my kids do and say that I want to remember forever.

Just a very, very few I manage to write the other day when Calvin came running into the kitchen in his pjs.
 "Mama!" He yelled barreling around the corner.
"Yes Calvin?"(We play this 'you-say-my-name-I'll-say-yours' a lot so I was ready and even half paying attention.)
"Yes, Calvin?"
"Hug!"  which he promptly offered and then hurtled back down the hall to brush his teeth.
That one I hope I remember forever.
But I probably won't.

And now we have another added to the mix. He's the most precious ball of baby fat I have ever laid my eyes on. 
True story. 
All four of the rest of us could eat him up and, thanks to Abigail, have taken to calling him Chubbsy.

which hopefully won't stick. 

We'll keep him regardless.