Tuesday, April 23, 2013

7 months of life with a boy

I'm tired of starting each post saying I'll surely post more frequently. Or that I can't believe it's already been a month (or three). So, I  won't. But what I will say is that my kids are incredibly fun....when I'm not letting them drive me crazy; and life is always crazy round here right now; and I'll just have fun filling people in as I get the chance because, quite honestly, when I have five minutes I want to sit and stare into space....or read. Reading is always a good option. I have 20 chapters of Jane Eyre to read by next Thursday....think I can make it? The last time I read Jane Eyre  I was in middle school. I'm stoked to read it again because I'm positive 75% of the book went over my head, who knows what treasures I might find? If I can only pick it up and begin....I love book clubs. And I hate that a chosen book suddenly transforms into homework. How does our inner psyche do that?

I need to go to bed, but before I do: Calvin turned 7 months last week.
 He started crawling last week. I was taken aback by his voracious practice habits. From 7:30am to 7:30 pm all this boy did was try to crawl. For three weeks. The last week involved much wailing and tears. He is proud as punch. And rightly so.
He also has the most joy-filled smile this mama has ever seen. I catch my breath sometimes when he unleashes one straight at me. I wish I could catch it on camera to save forever. I know in 18 months this stage will be a haze and I'm pretty sure everything will fade to a fuzzily warm clarity.
Abigail is proud of Calvin ( Ca-in she calls him. Or Big Man. No idea where she got that moniker, it's all her own and it's adorable) for crawling but largely unsure of this new state. He's spent 6.5 months plotting out which toys he desires...and they all happen to be hers. 
 He's a sinner. A cute one, but definitely a sinner. :o) He has perfected the "I want that" cry and Abigail is quickly becoming enured to it.
The day that Calvin turned 7 months, Abigail rang up 28 of them, I celebrated my 366th month, AND John and I celebrated 5 years of marriage. How's that for consolidating dates?! 
But back to Abigail. She's entering that stage where she can more completely express thoughts and handle past and future thoughts better. All of this leads to absolutely hilarious phrases coming out of her mouth. 
Tonight she told John that he was 'quishing' her hands. Or, if she has something in her hands but wants to pick up another object, she'll look up at me with wide eyes and say: "I jus only got two hands Mama. Hep me." When she is trying to wheedle her pacifier out of me her line of reasoning runs : "I cold Mama....I hot....I sweepy....Mama, I jus' need sumpin in my mouf."  
We're also going on 8 months of potty training....I know. Sometimes I just want to bang my head against the wall. 

But she is getting it. Slowly. Very slowly. Slow like molasses. At least we get the benefit of comments like
"I jus' don know when my poop coming Mama." or, no matter the condition of her underwear, as soon as you take it off and wipe her bottom she'll proudly proclaim " I cwean an dwhy!" 
Her favorite place to do her business is in our WC while John is in there sitting. No joke. And he often lets her. Which just goes to show you never can tell what kind of pull a daughter will have over her father. 
Who could resist a face like this? 
This smile is her Papa's fault. He taught her how to do a grimace and it's become her go-to expression. 

 That's how we roll around here. Signing off until next time we're footloose and fancy free ( or pants-free, depending on the day)
Much love,