Saturday, October 12, 2013

In love with my son

Absolutely, completely, besotted. There's no other word for it.
He's a cuddler; stubborn when he wants his way; loves his daddy incredibly; will follow his sister anywhere; and he thinks I'm funny, all 19lbs, almost 29inches of him.

His 1st birthday was September 19th. 
The actual day passed without much fanfare. We sang "happy birthday Mr. Man" (Abigail's version) over breakfast and tried to make a birthday cake.
I say 'tried' because the only truly successful part was the batter-licking.

  That was a huge success, with an epic birthday bath afterwards.
The cake, after refusing to let go of the pans, became a dump cake; covered in a pool of blue icing. Not one I was taking a picture of for the files.
The image will, unfortunately, always be in my head for reference.

But birthday day aside, Calvin celebrated his 1st twice. Once with the Kirkwood side (where 8 other children helped him open gifts. It.was.hilarious) and once with the Myers side (where his favorite gifts were mylar balloons. We still have them.)

Some random facts about my son:

1.) He can put on his own hat. Or his own necklace....thanks to Abigail there are plenty of the later lying around.

2.) Pretending to be just like his sister is his favorite activity. Anything she can do he can try too. And, usually, she's a pretty good sport about it.
                        True story: Abigail ran into the column in our hallway yesterday because she was walking backwards. Calvin, tottering after, very carefully and deliberately walked himself into the column and then looked back at his daddy with a huge smile and kept on going after his ideal sister. 

3.) He loves to help with the laundry. Not just climbing in the washing machine, but transferring clothes to the drier or the laundry basket, depending on his preference. 

4.) He has 5.5 teeth. It makes eating apples very tricky.

5.)The highest spot he has managed to attain by himself is a tie between our dining room table and our bed.

6.) He loves dogs

7.) He hates avocados

8.) He's much handsomer now than when he was first born


I love you Buddy.