Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Little House-Help

It's been slow around here lately. Not because of a lack of activities, but because I've been feeling pretty draggy during this first trimester. Mmm, mmm. In truth it's been better than with Abigail, probably because I have her to distract me during the day....and also because we're not living in an extended-stay-hotel with all the complimentary smells they provide.

Either way I'm pleased. 

What has been fun is Abigail. She has taken a leap in her comprehension and it's been a blast to play with her and have her help around the house.
Typically, one of the first things she does after breakfast (besides making sure she knows where her blanket and pacifier are located) is get dressed for the day:
It just so happens her favorite outfits consist of my underwear and slips. Colors and styles vary by day, but they are what she reaches for when it's time to get dressed. She must know high-fashion is demanded of her and wants to perform accordingly. 
(although it can make unexpected visitors a bit awkward)

Once dressed she actually has been a big help around the house, mostly by being content to let me do housework while she puts underwear around her neck.  But she's also fantastic at putting laundry away.....
and generally puts them in the right place ( as long as I don't mind when she pulls them all out ten minutes later. But it's hard to begrudge a girl her favorite games).
Then we'll play office, to top the day off
We cram as many ads, old coupons, and pieces of junk mail into one envelope as possible, then lay everything out and start all over again. When that finishes we put stickers on our faces and throw crayons at pieces of paper. It's fun. I really like her. 

PS- anytime I say the phrase "we play office" it makes me think of this book
one of my all-time favorites ( thanks Mama!)

Friday, February 3, 2012


Abigail and I took a one-night trip to Birmingham recently so Mimi, Papa, and Abigail could fill their tanks up ( me too, although for me a large part of 'why I enjoy my mother's home' is that I'm not in charge of anything there.....I tried explaining to John why that's so relaxing, but I'm not sure I succeeded. Does anyone else agree? Visiting and helping is more of a vacation than having a long weekend at home where you're still planning all meals and cleaning all messes). 

My dad was working on his 'double-under' skills with the jump rope ( two turns to every jump) and Abigail thought it was the funniest sight she'd ever seen. Deep belly chuckles came forth as she watched him jump. In fact, it was so funny she had to try it herself.

Her feet never left the ground but she had the hand motion down perfectly. She was laughing so hard at herself she could hardly turn the handles.

Sigh, I love that girl.
Thanks Papa, for getting her started off right.