Thursday, January 17, 2013

Why Our Bodies Need Water

We were sitting on the potty this morning; nothing new, we do this every day with varying success several times a day. Lately with more failure than success. She went. We cleaned her up and I told her to run get an M&M (current reward candy of choice). She took off. I heard the subsequent rattling of the glass dish and scrape of stool, and Abigail was suddenly back in the bathroom with me. 
"Pee again." She announced gleefully, promptly pulling down her panties and filling up her little potty. 
Up she pulled that underwear ( before I had time to wipe, mind you) and ran for the kitchen and her reward. 
Chuckling I started to clean up when, lo and behold, here she was again.
"Pee more, Mama." she said, confident she had this racket figured out. She plopped down happily and sat, and sat, and sat. Nothing doing. 
"Punkin, you're going to have to drink more water before your body can make more pee." I offered "That's how it works."

Her eyes lit up, up came the panties, and she took off for the living room and her water bottle. In maybe 15 seconds flat she was back, slid down those training pants and sat. She looked up at me, looked down at the empty potty, and came to a decision: " I need mo' water." she stated and off she went again.  

    The funny thing is: I woke up grumpy this morning. I'm tired, we've had a lot of sickness that's kept me up, a lot of Calvin waking up during the night, a decided lack of naps on my part and, well, I'm tired (which happens as a mom, go figure). So I wanted to wallow in my bad attitude. I didn't want to be a parent today. I knew I should let the Holy Spirit handle my attitude and give me His peace and joy, but I didn't want it. I prayed anyway, begrudgingly.  And in His graciousness the Lord made me laugh.
    It started with her holding her baby doll over the trash can so it could puke ( it's fresh on her mind),and continued on throughout the morning so that by naptime I had completely forgotten about my bad attitude and was loving being a mother. God is so soft in how He dealt with me today. I love it. And I love her.

This is my Ouma, my dad's mom. They just recently moved to Birmingham and I can't even begin to express how thankful I am that Abigail and Calvin have the chance to know their Ouma and Oupa.

Ironically, it's now 5:34pm and my attitude is bad again. I've found other things to be grumpy about. I didn't really realize that until sitting down to write the post...this time I want to hand my self-centeredness to the Lord with a willing heart and stop and remind myself of all I have to be thankful for just in today. I have a feeling we'll all have a better evening that way.

With joy,