Thursday, October 25, 2012

snapshots of enjoyment

I'm hoping to do a couple of short posts in the next week, mostly pictures; but since pictures are generally what family and friends far away want, I sure this will please :o). 

One of Abigail's favorite parts of receiving a new sibling was all the extra time she got with some of her favorite people (although none of John's family have been able to meet Calvin yet. Mom and Aunt Pat arrive this Saturday and I am thrilled. Especially at times like this it's frustrating to be so spread out!) 
Abigail got abundant outside playtime with everyone and I got some ( I think) really cute picture showing her enjoyment. 

She now, every time we're outside, asks to "pin"; and, since only Uncle Nate has the ability to do this long enough to satisfy her, she is inevitably diasappointed. 

This is one of my new favorite pictures. I love how much they're both enjoying themselves. She even took her doll outside the other day, showed her the tomatoes and then spun her around just like Uncle Nate spins her. It was sweet. 

John had two weeks off of work right after Calvin was born and Abigail soaked up all the extra time with her Daddy. It's his job to take her to new heights, and they both take this task seriously. It often begins with a run around the yard to heighten anticipation. 

She's telling him to "tay, Daddy, 'tay ", as she apparently needs a break from the chasing. She'll confidently hold out her hand like a policeman directing traffic when she makes her pronouncement.

A little victory lap around the perimeter.
I'm pretty sure she'll take the addition of a new baby any day as it means lots of fun attention for her. We'll do our best to continue that trend if the Lord blesses us with more kids.
Calvin took it all in stride.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

3 weeks and 3 days ago

John Calvin Kirkwood Jr. was born ( at least I think he's a junior.....I was the only one present when the midwife filled out the birth certificate and, well, I can't remember.....we'll just have to wait and see.....I'm sure it's fixable. Right?)
He was 8 lbs, 6 oz; 21 inches long and came out yelling

Three weeks later he's proving to be a wonderfully content baby (except when he's crying)  and is starting to 'chub' up just a bit. 
His head still looks a bit like a kidney bean....but we try not to mention that in his presence.
(truthfully, this picture makes it look more pronounced than actuality)

We've survived our first week as a family of four.....a large part of that due to the fact that John worked half-days (Abigail has been crying when he leaves for's adorable and sad)
Although here she's crying because we told her she couldn't stand in her umbrella. 

This is her umbrella: 

Mimi brought it. It's provided much entertainment....I still remember getting my first umbrella and raincoat not much older than Abigail. It's big stuff. 

Truthfully Abigail has done great with Calvin. 

With a face this cute how could you not? 

Another example of cuteness, this being a pensive cuteness. I had forgotten how much babies simply gaze at you, it melts my heart .

Abby ( as she calls herself) delights in holding him long as he's not crying. She then moves quickly to hand him off, saying "Hol' Mama. Baby cwhy. Milk Mama." which is her way of saying it's time for him to nurse. :o) She knows food is the way to a man's heart and, in her small world, milk fixes everything. 

I think he agrees.