Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Greats.

I've been trying to write this post for awhile, but can't figure out exactly what I want to say. I'm giving up and simply giving you the pictures. What I was trying to communicate brilliantly, kindly, and in a manner worthy of that John and I have three remaining grandparents, they all happen to be on my side, and I absolutely love that our kids are able to know them. They love their 'greats' and are deeply loved by them. I have no idea how much longer the Lord will keep all of us on earth together and want to record as much as possible their times together with their Greats. I barely remember my Papaw, the only great-grandparent I met. John barely remembers his. May my kids, if they barely remember their Greats, at least have tons of memories captured in pictures to 'remember' later.

These are their O's, as they're known together. My dad's parents, Don and Sue.
Ouma and Oupa with their 3 greats

For most of my growing up they lived overseas, in East Africa or in England. They were wonderful, sending fantastic letters and quirky gifts. We were able to travel to see them once or twice and absolutely loved the times when they would come and visit. About two years ago a wonderful gift happened. They moved to Birmingham, Alabama. That means my kids can know them in a daily way now, and I am so very thankful for that truth!! We see Oupa and Ouma every time we go to Birmingham, and my kids know and count on that.

This is Nana, my mom's mom Mary Ann. Our family moved in with her 21 years ago now, while looking for a new house, and never left. She knows me so well, having seen the good and bad of me daily for so many years. It has been a privilege (with all the ins and outs of living life together) to have her be part of our nuclear family for the past two decades; and it was incredibly special to introduce (to this now 95 year old southern lady) my husband, then my daughter, and then Calvin...her 14th, I think, great-grandbaby!
Calvin at 2ish months with his Nana

Oupa and Calvin have an affinity for caps, and take advantage of frequent opportunities to match.

All three of their Greats have been able to visit us at our house, and it is really sweet to be able to share with them where we live and the kids daily play (Calvin looks chubby there!!)

 Abigail loves her Ouma, and loves how elegant Ouma always looks with her scarves, and bracelets and necklaces. She loves (she says) to look in Ouma's wallets. 

This wonderful lady turned 95 on November 13th, and I am thankful for the gift of all the big moments I've been able to share with her! She is the perfect grandmom for little kids, having incredible patience with them and their curiosity. My kids adore visiting her in her bedroom, because it's filled with treasures and big windows (Abigail says that Nana's red chair and how she can see out of her windows from her bed are her favorite things). Usually, in Birmingham, if I've lost the kids; I find them in Nana's room chatting about whatever has caught their eyes as she patiently and with delight answers their garbled speech.

I love my grandparents and am so glad our kids do too. May they always have memories of them tucked away in their hearts.