Wednesday, June 19, 2013

9 x 2.5

He spends most of his days crawling after Abigail. Favorite activity number two is walking himself along the furniture and climbing things. It is adorable to watch him gather his courage to reeaacchhh from one piece of furniture to the next, and when he succeeds his smile is enormous.

We have two props here thanks to Abigail. It was easier to concede than insist. So please welcome Mr. Pink Bear to the photos this month. He adds much, I'm sure.
 An extra monkey was thrown in for good measure.
Since Calvin's 9 months make Abigail two and a half, the added celebration made a few extra animals seemed a valid concession.

I'll post a few more pictures tomorrow or Friday, but I'll stop here so this can actually be posted. 

I do love these two and am so thankful for their love for me.