Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sneak Peak

   A couple of weeks ago John gave me my birthday present (I love extended birthdays).

Usually I do not ( definitely do not) want to know what I'm getting as a present. Please never hold something up asking if this is what I want and then buy it then and there. Surprise is my operative word for gifts...Usually.
This year though, I asked for a family photo shoot. And that's exactly what John gave me :o)

I love, love outdoor photo sessions with photographers. It's just, more fun, than going inside the Sears studio and getting everyone carefully set up in front of a lambskin backdrop.

I mean, this is good, with two such handsome guys how could it not be:

nicely done, gents.

But this is alive

from MA Family Institute
And I love things that are alive.

Sessions are often expensive, and I want digital rights, so I'd never really pursued it....until now :o)
We found a fantastic photographer (from Spain no less) with extremely reasonable prices AND she was fun to work with!!
Her website is:  or here:;  she's excellent, sweet and so good at getting Abigail to smile.
Unfortunately for everyone else their family is moving to Spain next year to plant churches.

We should get the finished product today, but I wanted to show you a few of the pictures now. We took a couple of Abigail with her monkey and I'm hoping to use those for her 11 month growth-chart pics....she was awfully chilly and hungry though, so we'll see what came out :o)

Such fun. 

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Abigail decided today that she was old enough to use a spoon.
I got so excited that I"m offering you the once in a lifetime chance to see the raw, unedited footage.

A Little Gossip

She turned 10months on the 19th. 

and was more interested in eating the mums than in smiling.

-We didn't take her out trick or treating this year, mostly because I forgot. There are a couple of neighbors, though, who would have loved to see her dressed up, especially since this was her costume:

 We were chicken farmers, she was the hen.....she wasn't too impressed, but everyone else loved it.

my favorite parts were the feathers and the John Deere hat. My husband is a good sport :o) 

 She's taken to whistling lately. I can't get her to whistle on command, but she gets a pretty good sound out as she purses her lips just so and blows.

It's adorable. 'nuff said.

 And, we're proud to announce: She's walking. As soon as I can catch it on video I'll send one your way. I think she got serious about it when she realized that walking gives her a much better chance of escaping outdoors. Every time I crack an outside door she runs, arms straight out, almost toppling the whole way, lunging for the stoop. Great wailing & gnashing of teeth ensue if I block her way, but that's another story.

We are also test-driving these:

mostly because we aspire to this . That sums it up.

Although I think this looks like more fun:

If I can figure out how to give John enough time, he can get this running:

then my "fun car quotient" will be filled and I can drive a van satisfied
( actually. I can drive a van satisfied anytime. But I would like a ride in the corvette....)