Wednesday, September 14, 2011

a few pictures

Our favorite outfit. For obvious reasons.
Our favorite play area. Well, hers, not necessarily mine. I've been rearranging items every two weeks as she gets taller and more balanced. She's got quite a reach when she's up on  her toes!

Yesterday she managed to 'get aholt of ' both the remote and the video camera. She was thrilled and immediately dropped one so she could work the other. 

After many, many minutes of effort she realized that she couldn't continue to hold both of them and push their buttons at the same time. 
Great frustration followed.

She went down for a nap about 10 minutes ago.
It was quiet back there, so I peeked in the door to see if she was asleep.
Her chubby self  was sitting up in her crib, oh so quietly reaching over her buddha-belly
To pick at the snaps on her diaper cover.

She makes me smile.

Even when she's busy doing this: 


  1. She certainly is not camera shy.

  2. I think it's funniest when she's crying. Is that terrible?

  3. It is terrible Natalie, but also terribly funny. It's usually because I won't give her the camera and she wants it. :o)

  4. Love the play by play Katy - you had me giggling the entire way down. :)

  5. That picture of her crying with the remote and video camera in her hands was THE BEST! Why have opposable thumbs if you can't use them, eh, Abigail?