Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Little Gossip

She turned 10months on the 19th. 

and was more interested in eating the mums than in smiling.

-We didn't take her out trick or treating this year, mostly because I forgot. There are a couple of neighbors, though, who would have loved to see her dressed up, especially since this was her costume:

 We were chicken farmers, she was the hen.....she wasn't too impressed, but everyone else loved it.

my favorite parts were the feathers and the John Deere hat. My husband is a good sport :o) 

 She's taken to whistling lately. I can't get her to whistle on command, but she gets a pretty good sound out as she purses her lips just so and blows.

It's adorable. 'nuff said.

 And, we're proud to announce: She's walking. As soon as I can catch it on video I'll send one your way. I think she got serious about it when she realized that walking gives her a much better chance of escaping outdoors. Every time I crack an outside door she runs, arms straight out, almost toppling the whole way, lunging for the stoop. Great wailing & gnashing of teeth ensue if I block her way, but that's another story.

We are also test-driving these:

mostly because we aspire to this . That sums it up.

Although I think this looks like more fun:

If I can figure out how to give John enough time, he can get this running:

then my "fun car quotient" will be filled and I can drive a van satisfied
( actually. I can drive a van satisfied anytime. But I would like a ride in the corvette....)

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