Wednesday, December 7, 2011

11 months

Mmm, mmm we already have a disk full of photo shoot pictures! Nate & Arancha Photography did a fantastic job editing and we're really, really pleased.

We now are the proud owners of an 11 month photo ( or several), Christmas card pics, and the temptation to print out way more poses than good sense dictates.

She was cold; had a runny nose, watering eyes and a hungry stomach... but Abigail persevered ( with the help of a graham cracker) and we got some fantastic shots  (and Arancha did some great editing!).

This, to me, looks like Amelia Bosma? Anyone else?

This is her "about to starting fussing" face. So we quit here :o)

 Sigh; I'm one content mama. 
 Plus, I felt pretty,

 and John looked handsome.

....seems like a winner to me.

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