Friday, February 3, 2012


Abigail and I took a one-night trip to Birmingham recently so Mimi, Papa, and Abigail could fill their tanks up ( me too, although for me a large part of 'why I enjoy my mother's home' is that I'm not in charge of anything there.....I tried explaining to John why that's so relaxing, but I'm not sure I succeeded. Does anyone else agree? Visiting and helping is more of a vacation than having a long weekend at home where you're still planning all meals and cleaning all messes). 

My dad was working on his 'double-under' skills with the jump rope ( two turns to every jump) and Abigail thought it was the funniest sight she'd ever seen. Deep belly chuckles came forth as she watched him jump. In fact, it was so funny she had to try it herself.

Her feet never left the ground but she had the hand motion down perfectly. She was laughing so hard at herself she could hardly turn the handles.

Sigh, I love that girl.
Thanks Papa, for getting her started off right.

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  1. Whenever I try to jumprope, I usually hit myself in the face a whole lot. :) I'm glad Abigail is more coordinated than me. Beautiful pictures of her belly chuckles.