Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sayings Lately

Things my daughter has told me lately: 

While standing half-nude in our hallway 
"Mama, I need to have no panties on today so I can get all my pee in the potty."

Right after I asked her (my first mistake) if she was whining. 
"No Mama, dat's a mockingbird noise. A mockingbird." 

Shortly after seeing a deer cross in the road in front of us (and after repeating herself 5 times as this was completely off my radar). 
" I no ever seen a deer in a wild. Not in a wild....... Ha, dat's silly Mama, a deer in a wild. Dey not gonna be dere!"

At bedtime "I want to wear underwear tonight please."
           "Abigail, you'll probably wet it. Let's practice keeping your pull-up dry."
           "But Mama, I'll jus' always pee in my pull-up. Jus' always!" we've been washing sheets every day for a week. 

Her logic is hard to argue with. So I'm glad I don't try. That's when it's extra nice to be the parent so that I can say "I am your mother. This is how it will be." Who knew those words could be so gratifying?!

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