Tuesday, August 2, 2011

7 months old

  You know, it's been harder to find entertaining things to write than I anticipated. It's been since, hmm, 2006 maybe?....that I've regularly written anything for mass consumption and even then it was maybe once a month or so.....this desire to write once a week has proven too much for my creative juices. So I've settled for, let's see, about twice a month? Or maybe twice every 6 weeks....

  Mostly, I find it difficult to carve out a block of writing time. I figured on using most of the minutes I waste on surfing the web, to write a blog.....but nope, doesn't work like that. I'm not frittering away quite as much time on the internet, but finding thirty minutes to sit down and think through a post hasn't happened. I'll keep working on it though because I know I miss seeing all of you regularly and hopefully you miss us too ( I know you miss Abigail, that's a given :o).

Without further rambling,  here is her 7 month picture:

I think she's fallen in love with the camera, she really puts on a show whenever I bring it out. :o)
Plus, she cracks herself up.

Things she can do at 7ish months:
     -Crawl. She doesn't rush off across the floor, but neither have I seen her belly flop in at least a week.
     - Eat food. This has truthfully been a slow process, she's interested in a couple of bites but not a lot more. I've started grinding most things and that helps (thanks Mom for the new blender/grinder!)                     
                   Her current favorites are: meat, of any kind, but especially beef.
                                                         eggs, scrambled.
                                                         hot cereal all mushed up.
                                                         not bananas.

   - Pull to standing! She figured it out last Thursday and now 45% of her days are now spent doing this. She thinks it's great fun even though 50% of her time standing is actually spent on the floor crying because she knocked her noggin' on the way down. The pain is apparently worth it.

   - Jabber in consonants. This girl loves to talk ( surprise, surprise?) and if i could capture it on film I would, but she clams up when I pull out the video camera. She can say the 'dada' and 'mama' sounds but she doesn't associate them with us; at least that we can figure. And the 'mama' only comes out when she's whining. :o)

 My favorite trick she has is clapping. Which she does a lot, even while standing (which results in another knock to the noggin') and has a huge smile on her face the whole time. She'll clap her hands together or whatever she happens to be holding in them; I love it.
Amy, the blocks are a winner!


  1. Girl, I'll take once a month...or two months...or three. :-) It's so fun to be able to keep up with you and see pictures of your sweet girl.

    I was just reading a friend's blog earlier this week, and she actually published some tips on blogging. (don't take that to mean that I think you're not doing a good job!) :) Anyway, I thoroughly enjoy reading her blog...she blogs about some of the most random happenings in life, but always has some funny take on it. Check it out if you'd like: www.graspingforobjectivity.com (You may even know her from back in the day homeschool circles)

    All that to say, keep with it! The last 2 years of school I tried to do a class blog but always fell apart after, oh, Christmas. These blogs of Abigail's progress will be a great way to look back on her baby days as she gets older!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Becca!