Thursday, August 4, 2011

Keeping Up Appearances, my Mrs. Bucket ( Bou-quet) moments

In my mind I'm a wonderful hostess. I love having people over; I enjoy cooking and setting a nice table; I have pretty aprons and I've read G.R.I.T.S. at least once all the way through.....what more could one need?

Book Club is at my house tonight.
On my to-do list:
  • Put the house in order.....honestly. We've acquired a new couch ( thanks Brookers!) and are rearranging the front rooms to accommodate a crowd of 25 that will start coming every Wednesday night. But, colors and styles are NOT coordinating like I want so I hadn't yet made a good faith effort to make everything work.
  • Pick a menu.  This I love. It makes me feel genteel and Junior League as I sit down to consider what sounds fun, special and not incredibly difficult. On the menu tonight: Plum Tart, Java Cupcakes and Watermelon Salad. Sounds delish right?
  • Cook
  • Shower ( I forget to do this frequently so it had to be added to the list for the well-being of everyone)
  • Clean up all the messes I made during the day
  • Dry my car out.  I left the sunroof cracked last night, just in time to catch an epic storm
  • Appear perfect by the time everyone arrives
 I dearly want to look perfect so my friends will think I'm a fantabulous hostess. But, the Holy Spirit knows this and prefers me to be more concerned with their well-being than my appearance. He's awfully good at using entertaining to keep me in check.

  There weren't quite enough muffin tins. No problem, I'm creative, I'll load a baking dish with the wrappers so the cupcakes will stay upright. I knew it wouldn't be perfect but figured it was worth a shot.
Here's what I got:
They honestly look like poo brownies.

 Then the Plum Tart spilled over and I had to change pans halfway through.

Sigh. So I'll thank the Lord for reminding me to keep my attitude straight, pile a ton of frosting on the poo-shaped cupcakes, put a big spoon and bowls by the Plum Soup and thank Him that the people coming over will love me anyway.


  1. This post makes me laugh so much. You are way too hard on yourself, Katy. You are a terrific hostess! I loved the odd-shaped cupcakes, I don't think I even ate a normally shaped one, but I did have dreams about the plum tart. It was simply splendid! Thanks for having us over, it's always a treat.

  2. Katy - welcome to the Worldwide League of Imperfect Hostesses! I've had years of experience of messing up! I love your honesty. Just never lose your sense of humor and you'll be fine!! Love you!! Daphne

  3. LOL What's more memorable than poo cupcakes?!? :)

    My mom always tells her story of the first time she made brownies for a get together when they were newlyweds..."brick brownies" has always been a familiar term to me, even though that happened 6 or 7 years before I was born...and they are referred to affectionately now!

  4. I. Love. You. And I can completely identify with epic disasters such as this...ha! I should have been born a yankee. (love, andrea)