Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Four out of thirty-four

Happy Birthday my Love, 

It's hard for me to believe that I've only known you for five years, 
and only know you well enough to celebrate four of those with you.
For you have filled up my heart and my memories, 
making it seem impossible to have had so far only five years together. 

Sometimes I get distracted by how much we both have yet to learn about marriage;
but when I stop to think about who you are, as opposed to aren't, 
and all that you do 
I am thankful, overwhelmed, and turned on ( though not speechless).

You are a fun playmate, yet a good leader,

An incredibly thoughtful husband,

An unselfish father 
(you melt my heart when I watch you with Abigail. Listening to her laugh with delight as you both brush your teeth in the mornings is a sound I'll never forget)

A tender and passionate lover,

I am blessed among women to call you my own....
 and I can hardly wait until you come home tonight. 

Happy 34th Birthday my Love!

PS-  I think this is one of the very first pictures I have of you. It catches one of my favorite views....... (you were right, my hair was really short.
 At least I know you can love me through thick and thin.....or, well, definitely short and long)

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