Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The wedding.

      We just got back from Sarah's wedding in La Jolla, CA. It was Anthony's wedding too but, let's be honest, the groom doesn't carry as much weight. It's always a special thing when a sibling gets married, and it was extra special to see John's sister marry a guy we are all super excited about, in a place we were excited to visit.
Destination weddings for family? Yes, please. 

Here are a few snapshots of the weekend. Well, really  a few snapshots of Abigail with John thrown in for good measure. Ninety percent of the time I see a good photo op it has disappeared in the seconds it takes my camera to turn on and present itself as ready....and if I leave it on, the battery dies in 4.5 minutes flat.
We had lots of long walks along the beach. Abigail (and us) loved the waves (although we never went swimming. Too days in the 60's cold. I know. Coming back to Bama was a shock to my system), chasing the squirrels, the pigeons, and the seals.
The seals were a huge hit.  They stank, they hit each other in the face with their fins, and, occasionally, they'd even go swimming.
and the sand.....never, never forget the entertainment value of dirt and sand. 

She found lots to keep her and us entertained, and consented to sport the most adorable pigtails several days in a row. 
The rehearsal gave me the opportunity to show off the dress for Abigail that I finished the day before we left; culminating three months of work.....I'm much wiser now ( I hope) about setting timelines. But I liked how it turned out and she liked wearing it. A win-win. 
Plus, it's apparently climbing-approved.

Directing traffic in fine form.

We had so much fun hanging out with family and I'm disappointed I didn't capture many any of those quiet moments on camera.

But, the wedding was beautiful 
She even walked all the way up the aisle holding her flower ball. I couldn't believe it.

Sarah looked gorgeous. Although something about her that day scared Abigail. It was hilarious. She wouldn't go near Sarah.

John's mom looked gorgeous too. Beautiful and like she had a lot of fun. Which she did. :o)

and the party afterwards was much fun 
Uncle Matt knows how to win friends....

( with a 5-course dinner! This is what Abigail thought of the dinner)
Actually, we were so far off schedule all weekend that this is what she thought of many meals. She was a trooper though and loved being in the middle of everything. 


  1. She is so cute Katie! Do you know the sex of your next baby yet?

    Sue Bowling

    1. Thanks Sue! We're having a little boy and I'm pretty pumped about it. Abigail is going to have a blast with a live-in playmate, and John and I are looking forward to having one of each. :o)