Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Birthday thoughts

Today I happen to be twenty-nine. Actually, it's now tonight. What with one thing and another ( mainly Abigail, but also the 20 friends that came over tonight under the cover of "Bible Study" to help us celebrate my birthday), this post has taken all day to write. But. I am definitely 29  now, and in honor of that went and dug up birthday pictures from the past, because that's fun.

Me at three. I think. Plus Callie, who's having a good time. Plus William, who is not.
This next one is just for fun, but I also see some of Abigail's expressions in these pictures (maybe because we spend a lot of time together?). My Ouma would cut out and glue old pictures to cards for almost every birthday/big occasion and I loved it. Still do. 

Today is also a big day because Abigail is 10 months:
we worked on 10 month photos today but she was not in the mood...we'll try again later

and I've been married to John for exactly three and a half years.
He's awfully good looking in a tux!

Mostly because of the last two dates I've been thinking a lot lately about this man:

and realizing that directly because of him I feel more beautiful now than I did three years ago.

I love that.

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