Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Calvin at 1 and 2 months (now that he's almost 3 months)

I feel like my photography skills have decreased with Calvin's birth. Or maybe it's just that as I try to take a picture of the baby, I am simultaneously trying to keep Abigail from eating dirt. Concentration has been difficult.

One month photo. That's what the following is. The following is this. This, unfortunately , was as good as it got that day. :o) But at least he's upright, has on clothes and the monkey looks cute. 

 Two months

 My skills are improving ( I think Abigail was only eating bark here.) Not only is Calvin upright and clothed, but he's awake. Still no smile ( which is a shame, as he is an incredibly cheerful baby. I thought Abigail was happy....but this little man showed me just how many levels of happy and content there are), but maybe next month. At two months he was a little over 12 pounds, maybe 23ish inches, and now has cute little fat rolls all over. 
Not as cheeky as Abigail.
But he's his own man. And rightly so. 
with joy, 

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